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The A to Z of Toby

(according to her family and friends)

  • Angelic, articulate, aunt, always smiling
  • Brave, baby-lover, baker, beautiful person inside and out
  • Child of God, courageous, caring, concerned, compassionate, considerate, cousin, cook
  • Dependable, doting, daughter, driven, dignified
  • Empathic, easy-going
  • Fearless, forgiving, friendly, funny, full of spirit and love
  • Giving, generous, gentle, grandmother
  • Humorous, humble, healer, helpful, honorable
  • Inspirational, intelligent
  • Joyful, Jewish, jovial
  • Kind, kindred spirit
  • Loving, loyal, leader
  • Mother, mentor, music lover, Malden native
  • Nurse, nurturing
  • Optimistic
  • Positive, polite, precious
  • Quality person, quick-witted
  • Resilient, reader
  • Strong, selfless, spiritual, sister
  • Thoughtful, talkative
  • Undaunted, unique, unconventional
  • Voracious reader, vibrant, vivacious
  • Warm, wonderful, wise, warm-hearted
  • Xcellent (o.k. – there were no x’s)
  • Young at heart, youthful, yenta
  • Zany

The following quotes from friends and family show how much love she gave and received and how much she is missed…

She was a mother who savored every moment of cheering her daughter on to victory. – Penny Andrew

Toby was a gift to her children, family and the human race; as a woman, she lived her life without fear and demonstrated courage and commitment to helping others. – Susan Decristofaro

Toby was one of Gods' greatest creations made up of love, kindness, generosity and courage. A true 8th wonder of the world. – Sherri Rubin

Toby’s resilience continued good humor and compassion throughout her life — through all of the ups and downs — is something to be admired and emulated. – Paulita David

Toby had a great spirit and a big heart; she always thought of others. – Christa Phillips

Toby was a kind, generous person, highly intelligent, a consummate caregiver who faced her disease and tried to enjoy life and her family right till the end. – Reed Wilgoren

Toby had the unique ability to dispense advice and encouragement in a gentle, non-judgmental way, always making you feel better. – Elaine Drobnis

Toby always cared about what was going on in your life, how everyone was, and especially loved the seeing the babies. – Rachel Carr

Toby, with her wry sense of humor, always knew how to put a positive spin on things — no matter how bad things were. – Itzik Gilboa

Toby always recognized and honored the individuality of everyone she knew. – Elsa and Julian Waller

Toby was someone special who was very dedicated to her family and friends. – Donna Iantosca

Toby has been an inspiration to me in that she lived every day to its fullest dimension, enjoying and savoring its every minute. – Carolyn Bunick